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The philosophy

The philosophy

Thursday, July 21, 2016


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  1. The Missing Piece from Your Fight Training / Career
    07 Aug, 2016
    The Missing Piece from Your Fight Training / Career
    This past weekend I had a fun fight at the Xumout Event out in Chehalis, WA. However "fun" doesn't necessarily mean that I performed at my best.  When you step into the cage/ring/octagon/fight club basement, it's whirlwind of violence, sound, and movement. You see a swirl of colors, faces, fists, and feet. You hear a cacophony of voices. Sometimes it's a roar of sound. Sometimes, a single voice makes it through the flurries. But the one voice you that you may be missing is the voice of a
  2. Boxing Glove Weights - What Weight Glove Should You be Using
    31 Jul, 2016
    Boxing Glove Weights - What Weight Glove Should You be Using
    As a coach and trainer, lots of times, I get asked about boxing gloves...  "What's the difference between between 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, (and various other sizes) and which ones should I get?" So, I'll go through the gloves and how I use them. Please comment and let me know any updates on this info or your own methods for using gloves.  First of all, glove size and glove weight are not the same thing. The different weights of gloves can come in different sizes. And second, please wrap your
  3. Proteins
    24 Jul, 2016
    EchoFit Academy Personal Training, Boxing, Kickboxing, Strength and Conditioning The Mindset Be Positive, Be Patient, Be Prepared The Trinity Strength Training + Cardio + Nutrition The Rule Motion is an an Artist The Motto Success through focus and positive motivation The Mental Battle At the forefront of health, success, and happiness is the brain. This is your first line of defense for a healthy lifestyle. Read more at: of the Week